Mindfulness in the Workplace 8-Session Mindfulness Course (9/26-11/14)

This course meets on Wednesdays, September 26-November 14. Beginning in Fall 2018 the University of Pennsylvania is partnering with the Penn Program for Mindfulness to provide Mindfulness in the Workplace, an eight-week program that offers an engaging and effective introduction to mindfulness-based stress management. This program comprises a structured and foundational process for learning mindfulness-based tools and applying mindfulness in real life situations to help reduce stress, increase focus and mental clarity, improve communication in relationships, improve mood and energy, and better manage difficult situations. The course consists of eight 2-hour weekly classes and a full-day mindfulness retreat on the weekend between weeks six and seven of the course. All class materials are provided, including homework handouts and audio recordings of guided meditation exercises for use at home. Participation in the Introduction to Mindfulness one-hour presentation on September 5 or 6 is a pre-requisite to enrolling in the 8-session course. Participants must attend all 8 sessions to earn 60 BITK Bonus Action Points.

Register here (PennKey login required)

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