Provide Your Vaccine Information in Workday by July 1

To help protect our campus and surrounding community from COVID-19, the University requires current and active faculty, staff, postdoctoral trainees to be fully vaccinated or to participate in weekly Penn Cares screening tests.

  • Login to Workday to access the video and tip sheet for a demonstration and instructions on entering your vaccine status.
  • Login to Workday and go directly to the vaccine form. If you are considered an academic affiliate in Workday, please follow the video/tip sheet instructions.

Effective July 1, those who have submitted their information on being fully vaccinated are no longer required to participate in weekly Penn Cares testing or complete daily screening through PennOpen Pass. Those who do not provide their vaccine information must continue/begin weekly testing and daily symptom checking.

On August 1, the University campus will be fully open; by this point, you must either provide your information on being fully vaccinated or begin/continue to participate in weekly testing. New hires, those returning from leaves of absence, and those not yet fully vaccinated can continue to upload their information on a rolling basis. Once your information on being fully vaccinated has been recorded, you will be exempt from screenings.

Visit and FAQs for more information. Contact the Penn Employee Solution Center at 215-898-7372 or with questions on the Workday process or HR policies.

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