Penn Healthy You Penn Challenge

Get ready for your next team challenge!
Bon appétit! You’re about to begin a global journey in search of the perfect (and healthy) dish. As you add up steps, try recipes that’ll give you the stamina to finish well. At each stop, check out local cuisine and try simple recipes you can make at home.

Challenge Rules

The Penn Challenge lasts 2 weeks, starting Monday, September 13 at 12 am ET, and ending Sunday, September 26 at 11:59 pm ET.
The deadline to upload your steps is Wednesday, September 29 at 11:59 pm ET. Steps uploaded after this date won’t be counted in the final results. (Please note: The platform will only allow you to enter steps for the previous 14 days. For example, steps for September 13 must be uploaded by September 27.)

Teams can have up to 5 participants.
You can join an existing team or create a new team. It’s up to you!
Either way, try to have a full team of 5 to maximize your score.

Directions and Scores
Team scores are based on total team steps. All team members need to upload their steps to help the team advance and unlock destinations.
The more steps your team tracks, the better your score.
To contribute to your team score, connect a device or upload steps from a fitness tracker or app. You must visit the Virgin Pulse app at least once every week for devices to successfully upload steps.
You can get credit for 30,000 steps a day, so aim high!
The team with the highest total steps at the end of the challenge wins.

As you progress, try to unlock each destination with your team.
If you unlock all of the stages before the challenge ends, remember to keep walking! Another team could still pass you on the Challenge Leaderboard.

Good to Know
If you leave the Penn Challenge, you have until September 16 at 11:59 pm ET to rejoin. If you don’t rejoin by this date, you won’t be able to participate in this challenge.
Participant names and step counts may be shared with other challenge participants and administrators.
The platform allows you to go back up to 14 days and enter steps, prior to the final upload deadline on September 29. Skip the hassle and track daily!
For more information or to sign up, visit the Virgin Pulse site at

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