PPSA Connection – Connecting Penn Staff at Work

"this is Penn" text on background of interconnecting dots representing staff one-to-one engagement

The PPSA is thrilled to announce that we will be transitioning to a new platform and rebranding of the PPSA Connection program. With kudos to those who had an amazing and innovative idea in 2015, this program has led to thousands of one:one (you got it – the image… that’s you meeting each other!) networking connections across the University system.

The last run date of the current networking matches will be March 1, 2023.  The program will go on a brief hiatus while the new platform and rebranding is built out.

It is important that we reconfigure this experience to support the unique variety of positions PPSA members hold throughout the University system, and we will need your input to make that happen! We thank you in advance for participating in a survey that will be distributed in April 2023.

The Penn Professional Staff Assembly helps Penn staff connect and stay connected through a diverse series of events throughout the year.

Register with PPSA Connection and make monthly random matches with your colleagues across campus.  On the first of each month, you will receive an email containing the contact information for another Penn staff member in the PPSA Connection program. Sometime during that month, you and the other individual should contact each other to plan an in person or virtual meeting that suits your schedules. Feel free to meet in-person for a cup of coffee in the morning, perhaps a sandwich for lunch, or a brief meet-up after work!


Learn how PPSA Connection can help expand your professional network!

Register for PPSA Connection here, or contact us for more information.